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    Introducing the Black Friday Wallet, a must-have accessory for any lover of the macabre. This stunning wallet is part of a set that includes a larger handbag, clutch, and a men's wallet. Every material used within this wallet is faux and 100% vegan-friendly, as this was very important to both Black Friday and Avelina.

    The front of the wallet features an evil ‘bat wing’ inspired design constructed from three materials; matte leather, PU Patent Leather & Black velvet. The interior of the wallet is lined with blood-red (also available in purple, green and black) faux suede leather and features a photo ID section, plenty of card slots, a zippered compartment for coins, and is embossed with ‘Black Friday by Avelina De Moray’.

    The back of the wallet also has a 15cm back zipper for additional storage (lined with satin). The wallet does not feature the sigil of Lucifer as it was too small to include it.

    At 19cm in length, 10cm in height, and a width of 3cm, this gothic ladies wallet is perfect for carrying your essentials in style. Weighing only 220 grams, it is also lightweight and easy to carry.

    Please note that the wallet does fit inside the clutch, but it is very snug. It wasn't designed to specifically fit within the clutch, but it's just a nice bonus that it does.

    Invest in the Black Friday Ladies Wallet and show off your love for the macabre while carrying a quality, durable accessory. Black Friday will receive a profit from each wallet sold, making this the perfect way to support the famous gothic YouTuber.


    Wallet Length:19cm

    Wallet Height: 10cm

    Wallet width: 3cm

    Weight: 220 grams


    Introducing the famous gothic YouTuber Black Friday, known for her alternative clothing unboxings, makeup videos, and music reviews. With 690K subscribers on YouTube and 308K followers on Instagram, she has built a loyal fan base all around the world. Avelina De Moray and Black Friday joining forces was a huge deal in the worldwide gothic community and has been very well received. By purchasing the Black Friday handbag set, you're not only getting a stylish and high-quality gothic handbag, but you're also supporting Black Friday directly.

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