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Carotte Morts

Carotte Morts


Living Dead Dolls, Carotte Morts by Mezco

Welcome to Moulin Rou…uh, Mourge - the Mill Morgue, where the elite and the informed gather for an evening of cabaret and carnage. Here, the girls are beautiful, and the razors sharp. Mezco’s Living Dead theatre troupe combines the lavish decadence of the Moulin Rouge with the ghoulish delights of the Grand Guignol. 

The star of tonight’s performance is none other than Carotte Morts!

carotte Morts played in the theatre of gore, and smashed his head on a swinging door, his final words while he lay in the back stage salon, cest la vie, the show must go on.

Standing 10” tall, this Living Dead Doll features real cloth clothing, five points of articulation and is packed in their own coffin with a personalised death certificate. 

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