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Death's head Hawkmoth mesh bodysuit
  • Death's head Hawkmoth mesh bodysuit


    Life doesn't stop at sunset. That's the time when various fears awake.

    One of them is a large, fluttering nocturnal butterfly. Moth with a human skull-shaped pattern on its thorax. Moth that can squeak shrilly.

    No wonder that the death's-head hawkmoth has been igniting the imagination of people for centuries.


    Death's-head, as the name suggests, has been associated with death in many cultures. Even in the 19th century, the English believed that the hawkmoth accompanies witches and whispers in their ears the names of people who will soon die.


    It used to be believed that the hawkmoth supports the witches.

    Today we not only believe, but we KNOW that the hawkmoth supports the witches. Especially if it’s the leitmotif of a gothic bodysuit!


    How does it support them?

    First of all, it goes perfectly both with heavy boots and faux-leather jackets, as well as with airy, tulle skirts. Actually, it goes great even with Bermuda shorts or an elegant blazer. And it looks incredibly sexy on the naked body or with a black or nude bra.

    The gothic bodysuit with a moth print always looks fantastic. It doesn’t restrict your movement, doesn’t roll up and doesn’t come out of pants or skirts. The bodysuit perfectly conforms to your body, giving you an extremely comfortable "second skin" feeling. It slims your figure and beautifully emphasizes your waist and bust.

    The turtleneck stretches enough to pass freely over your head. The bodysuit is fastened at the bottom with two convenient press studs.


    The print is a true work of art and it looks like tattoos. To ensure maximum durability and the deepest depth of black, it was made with the flocking method.


    The long sleeve bodysuit is a piece of jewelry in itself, so necklaces, brooches and bracelets are better left for another occasion. Anyway they would disappear... like the death's head hawkmoth with the advent of dawn ;)


    Composition: 90% nylon and 10% spandex



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