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Hel Skull Ring
  • Hel Skull Ring

    £35.00 Regular Price
    £26.25Sale Price

    Inspired by the Norse goddess of death, the Hel Skull ring is the newest addition to our collection of stainless steel jewellery!

    Hel rules over the underworld where the dead dwell. Anyone who doesn't die in battle and ascend to Valhalla is damned to spend eternity in Hel with the goddess, Hel. Her names meaning of "Hidden" relates to how the dead are buried underground, out of sight and hidden from the world. With this collection we're digging through the dirt and bringing the dead out of hiding.


    All Mysticum Luna rings are made from Stainless Steel. This means your ring will not discolour your skin. Allowing you to get the most for your money and wear the Ring as much as you desire.

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