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Pumpkin Ring
  • Pumpkin Ring

    £35.00 Regular Price
    £26.25Sale Price


    Embrace the spooky season all year round with the Pumpkin ring and be at one with the Ghosts and Ghouls!

    The association between Halloween and the funky orange vegetable began when a farmer named Jack made a bargain with the Devil that left him wandering the Earth for all of time. Thus began Pumpkin carving to scare away evil spirits passing through the farm lands. 


    Made from sturdy Stainless Steel, you have no worries about discolouration, The Pumpkin Ring won't leave skin green! Stainless Steel is an extremely strong metal, this ring will not stain, scuff, bend or succumb to damage easily. Which is precisely why we love Stainless Steel!

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