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Vamp Ring - Blood Red
  • Vamp Ring - Blood Red


    Step into the darkness and embrace the macabre with the VAMP Coffin Ring. This isn't just any ring, it's a statement piece for those with a taste for the edgier things in life. Featuring a massive 3.3cm coffin-shaped gemstone, expertly cut to maximize its sparkles and WOW factor, this ring is not for the faint of heart.

    Avelina De Moray poured her heart and soul into this meticulously designed ring, inspired by a dream that became a reality. The stone is cut to optimal angles to take advantage of its refractive index, giving it a beautiful scintillation and a fire-like shimmer effect. And let's not forget the coffin shape crown with flat-tier cuts and a sharp pavilion, which makes use of unique reflective geometry.

    This is a true collector's item, available in either plated Sterling Silver or the full-on Solid Sterling Silver 925 version. But it's the details that really set it apart - the intricate spider web cut-out design on the side of the setting, the engraved 'Avelina De Moray' or 'Avelina De Moray 925' (for the Solid Sterling Silver version), and the embossed 'VAMP' lettering on both sides of the coffin.

    Two silver bats adorn the front and back faces of the coffin casket, and two little Swarovski jewels add a touch of elegance to the casket's faces. The ring also features a coffin-shaped 'window' in the bezel setting, which allows for a brighter stone.

    Available in sizes 6-19 (please review the size chart to select your correct size), this coffin ring is the ultimate symbol of gothic luxury. So don't miss your chance to own a piece of gothic history with the VAMP Coffin Ring by Avelina De Moray.

    The Vamp Coffin Ring is listed in USA sizes.


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